The King James Version

The King James Version

This material is intended to be a brief but careful, prayerful, and helpful study about the King James Version of the Bible. As you begin this study, a bias is acknowledged towards the KJV. It is not a bias that has led to the following conclusions, but rather just the opposite. The following material is impressive -indeed, it is in many ways truly overwhelming- and Biblically undeniable to any honest person considering this important issue.

Many people make the mistake of not understanding the importance of the King James Version issue. To some it seems strange or even unimportant. Also, it needs to be stated at the outset of this study that those who use a newer English version, do not automatically fall into a special category of deceitful, wicked, vile, satanic, new age, unholy, liberal, compromising, blind, snake-like, malicious, corrupt, workers of iniquity. Most of the time, those who use a newer version do so for reasons which at least make common sense.

Some examples would include:
  • It is easier to read.
  • I don’t have to struggle with archaic words whose meanings have changed.
  • The newer versions are based on the latest research.

While these seem reasonable to all at first, upon examination of these newer versions, it becomes apparent they have gone far beyond what the average person is led to believe. In this material we will be focusing upon four basic areas. These include: manuscript evidence, men (author) evidence, motivational evidence, and misreading evidence. Each area alone is sufficient and overwhelming, but altogether they are undeniable, and go beyond even the most ardent King James Version critic’s ability to dismiss and denounce. 

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