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Updated March 07, 2023 John Jones

Thank you for visiting our site today! We are aware of the vast number of choices you have in the digital, online world in which we live. Our desire is that you will explore JnJ Ministries as if you were casually walking through a brick-and-mortar store (without the coffee and a mask) and that you will return often! JnJ Ministries offers many original resources to you and your family as well as to your church. All of these materials have been used in ministries for years and have been helpful to many. We are continually adding new materials, highlighting different products, and continuing to update this site to make it current and applicable; return often! We welcome your thoughts, questions, comments, and suggestions to make JnJ Ministries the best resource possible.

Thanks again for visiting; our prayer is that these materials will glorify our Lord while meeting specific needs in your life and ministries.

Ministering along with you, John & Judy Jones

Resource Spotlight

January 1, 2021: The Spirit of Antichrist in the Last Days

This study will take you through a 12-week study of The Spirit of Antichrist we see woven through our society. The Bible has much to say about this spirit and steps we, as Christians, can take to prevent this spirit from seeping into our lives.

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Please take the time to read the short synopsis of the product and look at the sample pages that have been provided to get your best perspective. (While materials and services are listed by category, crossover of these products will occur. Therefore, they may be listed under several different categories. For example, some products will be helpful for personal spiritual growth and at the same time appropriate for family devotions, Sunday School, or a churchwide Bible study.)

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