The Lighthouse Visitation Program

The Lighthouse Visitation Program

The Lighthouse Visitation Program is part of our “Lighthouse Series” of materials. All of these materials are church resources that have proven to be so valuable for us that we wanted to make them available to other ministries as well. Having stated that, this the best outreach program that I have ever used. It is a comprehensive plan with a two-fold purpose. It is designed, first, to get as many people as possible within the local church to be involved in serving the Lord through an outreach ministry. Second, it is designed to reach as many people as possible who are in varied situations and stations of life. According to the Scriptures, every Christian should be involved in this process. This program attempts to identify, incorporate, and utilize the particular strengths and abilities of each believer in the most effective way possible. This plan will help to meet the needs of those in the local community, as well as the needs of those within the church, and do so in a systematic, consistent and comprehensive manner.

The Lighthouse Visitation Program is called the “Total Outreach Visitation Plan” in our church, because it seeks to promote a total participation from all sectors of the church family, and also seeks to reach our community in its totality (we do not want to miss anyone). Organizationally, this program has categorized outreach efforts into nine divisions; each is listed below. Each category has a particular focus as well as its own personnel to accomplish that specific task. Working together, these different groups make up a powerful army which can accomplish much for the Lord, and gives a place where every person could fit in and become a part of the church’s Total Outreach.

Category Description:
  • Canvassing: Door-To-Door / Survey Work
  • Prospecting: Follow-Up on Prospects from Canvassing
  • Thanking: Follow-Up on Church Visitors
  • Orienting: New Member Orientation Visits
  • Caregiving: Sick / Shut-In / Hospital Visits
  • Reinforcing: Follow-Up on Spiritual Decisions
  • Investigating: Missing / Troubled / Special “Issues”
  • Shepherding: Teacher Follow-Up on Students
  • Bus Visiting: Bus Route Visits

Within these nine categories, everyone can find a place to serve - regardless of personality, limitations, fears, and/or experience level. Each can use his/her God-given strengths for His work and, over time, develop and hone new skills as he/she becomes involved in more of these areas. At the same time, and most importantly, many more people can be: reached with the gospel, encouraged, helped, informed, or touched who would not have been without such a program.

Personal Note: For this material, we also offer to come to a church and explain it, train workers, and help to get the church excited about outreach. This can be done as a Friday evening / Saturday event, or even a Saturday morning / afternoon event. The training will actually take around five to six hours in total. If interested in this training, please contact J&J Ministries via our email for more information (Please give us as much information as you can about your particular situation and desires for this training).

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