The Spirit of Antichrist in the Last Days

The Spirit of Antichrist in the Last Days

This timely material is not the normal Bible study that may be expected in regards to the “antichrist.” It is specifically focused upon the “spirit” of antichrist that we will see in the “last days” before our Lords return. It is very specific and focused upon his evil work in the days leading up to the end of the age. Through this material we want each to not only have good Biblical information, but also, we want to share the many practical benefits for believers in understanding these truths in the midst of the world and culture which our Lord has chosen to place them. Long Description

The Spirit of Antichrist in the Last Days study has been used mostly as a Wednesday night Bible study. Some have found it helpful in their personal lives or when dealing with end time issues with other people and in different circumstances. The material has been designed in such a way that it keeps pulling the student back to the pages and concepts of the scriptures that relate to end times and the antichrist.

This material does NOT focus on the antichrist specifically, but rather, on the “spirit of antichrist” that will exist upon the earth in the last days. It is a fascinating look at how evil takes shape and is manifested in society in the days prior to the coming of our Lord. Many do not consider how much biblical information is given to us on this topic.

The specific purposes of this material would include:
  • Causing some to realize that we are, indeed, in the last days.
  • Causing some to see the urgency of reaching those who do not know Christ before it is eternally too late.
  • Causing some to understand that many of the occurrences around us that seem to make no sense at all, actually have spiritual roots that are alarming (yet expected).
  • Causing some to grasp the genuine and powerful spiritual warfare that is at work in our world today.

Personal Note: This material lends itself to discussion. Many of the biblically specific points that are highlighted here have very tangible roots in our daily lives and in the societal upheavals and turmoil that we are currently experiencing. Many will quickly relate with this material and it will create a platform or format to deal with many “current events” of our day.

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